21 March 2017

Hemingfords’ Regatta Committee Members

The Regatta has been running for over 100 years and we want it to continue for another hundred! This will only be possible if we get new active committee members. If you are considering joining us, we thought it would be useful to describe what is involved.
  • Attend committee meetings. The committee meets about 9 times a year, with most meetings taking place in the months leading up to the Regatta in July. Duties are shared among committee members at these meetings.
  • Getting boats out/putting boats away. The boats are stored in the boat house and need moving/lifting to and from there to Regatta practice. The punts are so heavy that it takes 10 people to lift them. Other items (life jackets, oars, rudders, etc.) are stored at various locations in the village and need to be collected and made ready for Regatta practice.
  • Boat maintenance. The boats have to be prepared and maintained in the evenings before they are used for practice and the Regatta. The work involves cleaning, sanding and painting. This maintenance usually takes place 2 or 3 weeks before the Regatta practice sessions begin and usually takes place in the evenings and weekends.
  • Practice evenings. (typically at least 2 sessions per week). On practice evenings in the 4 weeks before the Regatta all committee members come down to the river to ensure that the practice sessions run smoothly. If you already come down most evenings with your children, why not join in?
  • Regatta Day. All Committee members help to set up the Regatta field on the Friday afternoon before Regatta Day, help on Regatta Day, and help clear up on the Sunday morning afterwards. The Friday session usually begins at 1pm and goes on until all jobs are done; work commitments mean many members don’t turn up until after 5pm so some members need to take time off work to ensure the field is ready. You don’t have to be there the whole time but many hands make light work!
  • Taking on a senior role. The Regatta relies on succession planning to ensure its future, so most committee members need to be prepared to become Chairman at some stage. Typically this will be after some time learning the ropes then becoming Vice Chairman for 2 years before doing a 2 year stint as Chairman. The Chairman’s role is that of event manager.
  • Other village events the Regatta is involved with. As a community organisation, the Regatta committee is involved in other village events, namely the Hemingfords’ Bonfire, the Regatta Ball and the Christmas Carols on Vicarage Fields. Duties here involve setting up and taking down the Regatta tents, collecting money at the gate and clearing up the field on the following day (Bonfire), providing mince pies and mulled wine (Carols), setting up and clearing up after the Ball.

If that sounds like quite a lot of effort, it is, but it is also fun and rewarding. If you don’t want to join the Committee but can help with any of the tasks listed, we do have a band of ‘Friends of the Regatta’ who help with specific tasks. Please contact us.
We would like to talk to anyone interested in helping us ensure that the Regatta flourishes.
Phone Chris Newcombe on 01480 463009