·         ­­Competitors are limited to three events, of which only two can be doubles
·         First time competitors are limited to two events
·         No competitors are allowed aged under 8
·         Competitors aged 8 cannot compete in doubles events, only 10 and under singles, and U14 canoe
·         Competitors aged 9-10 can only compete in under 14s singles and the 10 and under doubles/singles and U14 canoe
·         Under 14s cannot compete in either under 18 or adult events
·         Under 18s cannot compete in adult events
·         It is the age of the competitor on Regatta day that determines whether they are eligible to enter a particular event


·         Many events are only open to residents of the Hemingfords or residents of the old county of Huntingdonshire. Eligibility by residence will be strictly observed.
·         The Vicars’ Sculls is open to current residents and those who were born in the Hemingfords.
·         The Raymond Brook trophy is open to residents and former residents of the Hemingfords.
·         Otherwise people no longer living in the Hemingfords cannot enter events that are restricted to those residing in the Hemingfords. Students who are on a course of study away from home are treated as if they were still residents.
·         Children who attend Hemingford Grey School can enter no matter where they live.

Entry forms

·         Competitors must ensure they are eligible to enter events. The committee’s decision on any question of eligibility will be final. Lists of events and the eligibility requirements for each event can be obtained on practice evenings, from Hemingford Grey Stores Post Office and online from
·         In order to confirm eligibility all competitors must include their full name, address, and date of birth and a contact phone number on each entry form. Entries without these details will be discarded. Anyone who gives false information on their entry form will be disqualified from entry
·         The full names, addresses, and dates of birth for both competitors must be included on entry forms for doubles events. Entries with A N Other or similar will be invalid and will be discarded
·         Anyone wishing to enter an event where eligibility is ‘by invitation’ can only enter at the invitation of the committee. An approach to the committee for permission to enter must be made, in writing, to the Chairman before submission of the Entry Form.


·         If a competitor is unable to compete on race day, if an eligible substitute can be found the Umpires may allow, at their discretion, the substitute to race. The substitution must always be before the competitor (competitors in the case of doubles) have taken part in any heat of that event.
·         If an entrant is not available at the scheduled time they will be eliminated from that race and their opponent(s) will go through to the next round.
·         The committee reserves the right to withdraw, by blind draw, entrants from oversubscribed events to reduce the number of races. No entrant will be withdrawn from more than one event; all entrants will be guaranteed at least one event.

Note: Weil’s disease may be present in the river, so please discourage children from entering the water